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We offer BTX anti wrinkle injectables:

  • BTX injectables/muscle relaxants

Anti Wrinkle BTX injections has had an explosion in popularity over the last couple of years. Injections are quick, easy, pain free, highly effective and not least, very safe. Our doctor is Irish born and registered with 10 plus years experience in the field of anti wrinkle BTX injections. With a large following in both Dublin you can rest assured you are in the right hands.

  • Treatment time – 15-20 minutes including consultation.
  • Consultation – Free, treatment same day if you wish.
  • Reviews/Follow ups – We offer unlimited reviews and free touch ups should you need it after two weeks of your first appointment.

BTX injections are used in four areas of the face. The forehead, eyes (crows feet), frown lines (between the eyes) and eye brows (know as brow lift). Treatment is extremely safe. Our doctor uses micro needles so you will feel barely a pin prick during the very quick injections. We offer all brands of BTX so if you have a preference just ask the doctor during your appointment. We offer free consultations and treatment can be carried out same day if you like. It’s up to you of course! We also offer BTX injections for excessive sweating of the underarms.

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Using a mix of both muscle relaxant injectables and dermal fillers we can perform wants known as a “liquid face lift”. It is a non-surgical multi step treatment performed within an hour of arrival at the clinic. We will target areas of the face that have noticeably lost volume and become permanently creased. This treatment will restore and rejuvenate the entire facial area.

Excessive sweating medically known as Hyperhydrosis and can be quite a problem for many people. Naturally the most common area for the treatment is the armpits. The treatment is very effective in helping to reduce the effects of sweating from this area of the body.

The Treatment:
Acetylcholine is the chemical released by nerve endings to that stimulates muscle contraction, this also causes the sweat glands to produce sweat. Therefore using muscle relaxants we can eliminate the production of sweat.


1 Area


2 Areas


3 Areas


4 Areas



Any anti wrinkle treatment results last anywhere between four and six months. Most patients make anti wrinkle injectables a regular part of their lives. Having the treatment every four months or so helps to maintain ageing process.

Considering it takes a maximum of two weeks for an anti wrinkle treatment to take full effect, we offer free of charge reviews and tweaks to treated areas within a month of your first treatment if required. We take medical notes on all treatments with us regarding areas treated, product brand and quantity used. This allows us to review with as much detailed analysis as possible to ensure we can provide the best treatment results.

As you may know anti wrinkle injectables have become very popular and streamlined treatment since their introduction almost 20 years ago. These substances are treated, purified and sterilised to eradicate any potential harmful side effects. Performed by a qualified practitioner, anti wrinkle treatments are the safest cosmetic treatment on the market.




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