You have your heart set on getting invisible braces right? In fairness they are aesthetically better. It’s super exciting and a life changing transformation! There are two options available – online invisible braces or dentist supervised Invisalign. Before you start any invisible braces treatment, READ THIS and see how dangerous it can be if you don’t come to a professional dentist or orthodontist.

Moving your teeth is not far from being an invasive surgical procedure. This treatment requires check ups by a dental professional to ensure your bite, and oral health is not affected which can cause long term damage. Not to mention the standard risks of performing tooth movement, like killing teeth, teeth falling out, breaking veneers, crowns or permanent damage to other work you have had done in the past.

Let’s compare online invisible braces to dentist supervised Invisalign pre treatment and during treatment.

What is the difference between online invisible braces and dentist supervised Invisalign braces prior to starting your treatment?

1. With online invisible braces you never actually see a qualified experienced dentist face to face for an initial check up or free consultation.  This simple check which is performed during your free consultation with us, is so important as braces can really affect your bite and potentially cause more damage to your bite and jaw placement – this can cause enormous pain or damage if you are not assessed prior to starting any braces treatment.

2. With online invisible braces you either use a putty based impression kit to mould your teeth at home or you book a 3D scan. Lets look at these options.
The putty based impression kits are terrible for accurate tooth movement. White Smile Dental used to offer this service, but the impressions patients were taking at home were simply not accurate enough. Even dentists find it hard to get an accurate impression of patients teeth in surgery, let alone someone having a go themselves for the first time at home.

The 3D scan with an online invisible braces brand is not performed by a dentist – in fact these technicians should not be talking or advising about tooth movement in ANY WAY!!

3. With online invisible braces you do not have a 3D panoramic x-ray of your head in a dental surgery which the dentist can assess. Again, it is so important for the dentist or orthodontist to check the initial alignment of your teeth, jaw line and bite, using an x-ray. The dentist can analyse and assess the potential risks in your case by seeing how your teeth sit in your gums and any other issue that may be under the gum line that is not visible to the naked eye.

4. In 30% of cases, oral health issues need to be sorted before a braces treatment can begin. Of course, online invisible braces brands just start your braces treatments before any of these issues are corrected.

5. Background work – a professional dentist/orthodontist puts a lot of time into creating orthodontic tooth movement models and or computer scans to ensure all teeth move in the correct direction at the correct time throughout your treatment to ensure your bite is not affected.

6. There is a reason dentists and orthodontists train for 7 years to obtain enough experience to perform surgical like tooth movement.

7. The Invisalign 3D scan of your mouth is far more accurate – the Invisalign aligners are 3D printed using laser technology (SmartTrak) patented by Invisalign. Invisalign have completed 10,000,000 smile corrections, 20 years of experience and over $1 billion in revenue.

The initial process and treatment flow is completely different when comparing online invisible braces to dentist supervised Invisalign braces. All in all there is no consideration for your bite and jaw line when using online invisible braces/aligners.

This can cause huge issues – for instance a simple example – if you have crowded teeth on the bottom and spaced teeth on the top – the crowded teeth will be pushed out on the bottom to create more space – and the spaced teeth on top will be pulled in to close the gaps – this now means your bite has been completely altered to a position where your top teeth are now inside your bottom teeth. This is a life changing bite alteration which would cause massive misalignment when eating and chewing.

What is the difference between online invisible braces/aligners and dentist supervised Invisalign clear braces during the treatment?

  1. The moulding precision of the online clear aligners are nowhere near the precision of Invisalign – this causes a massive over hang on the online clear aligners that cause discomfort rubbing against your gums. Invisalign sits perfectly on your teeth only – and does not extend onto or rub against the gum line.





2. With Invisalign we fit invisible supports/attachments to ensure laser focused precision, timing, support and perfect tooth movement. Online clear braces do not fit any supports.

In general clear plastic aligners are not the strongest material to be using to move teeth anyway, let alone without supports!! Fixed metal or white braces are far stronger as metal wires are used – but that’s another discussion altogether.





3. As per the above clear aligner comparison photos – not all clear aligners are the same. Only dentist supervised Invisalign clear aligners are made from SmartTrack material (patented by Invisalign), so they are far more comfortable to wear and easier to put on and take off. Dentist supervised Invisalign clear aligners are made from a better more transparent material, feel the difference in your mouth compared to online invisible braces brands. This means Invisalign clear aligners are actually invisible!

So, in conclusion, and based on the points above, there is actually only one option for invisible braces – that is…dentist supervised Invisalign! We offer a FREE consultation and FREE Invisalign 3D scan in all our surgeries…feel free to book your FREE consultation online now and come visit our dentists and orthodontists for professional safe braces treatments.